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Stainless steel solutions

Professional design process
from draft via the prototype to the finished product

State-of-the-art production
all manufacturing is done in-house

Individual products
custom-made in certified quality

One-stop-shop for logistics services

Overseas business exclusively
using proprietary full container loads (FCL)

Up-to-date warehouse management
in our own high-bay storage facility

Flexible stockage and continuous
provision of goods due to 24/7 goods retrieval

Sustainability through quality

Experienced employees
using raw materials of the highest quality

Optimised use of resources
based on precise computerised planning tools

Continuous quality control
by internal and external auditors/inspectors



Healing without the presence of germs or bacteria is a prerequisite in the healthcare sector. Over many years, our medical devices have made a significant contribution to hygiene management in clinics and practices. Our sterilisation trays and cleaning baskets are manufactured with the greatest care, are constantly subjected to quality control procedures and have a proven track record in daily use in the healthcare sector.


More than anything else, the handling of food items must be accompanied by reliable hygiene standards. Our stainless steel products stand out for their extreme sustainability, are easy to clean and stand up to daily professional use. No matter if used for industrial dishwashing, in the deep fryer or on the stove: with our stainless steel products you, as a gastronomy professional, are always on the safe side.


In machines und subassemblies, it is always the smallest parts that ensure unconditional reliability, above average durability and the highest resilience. Our stainless steel tools for machine construction deliver what they promise and ensure that the machine functions as required, 24/7.

Edelstahl Leitner

As is the case for many successful companies, it was a simple idea that led to the foundation of LEITNER EDELSTAHLWELTEN. When we received the first container shipment with stainless steel products from China in 2001, we could not predict that we would soon become strategic partners with companies such as Miele, Küppersbusch and other industry giants. Today, we are the system supplier for numerous premium companies, who appreciate our products as much as our logistics package.


Gewerbestr. 16
86925 Fuchstal/Asch

Our company headquarters, including administration (logistics and operations) and our main warehouse, is located 70 km south west of Munich.
From here, we ensure the supply of ordered goods to our customers within 24 hours.

Produktion China

48-7 Ren Min East Road Sha Ping
Heshan GD

Our Chinese production site is located in the Southern Chinese province of Guangdong, close to the two main ports of Macau and Hong Kong, and is specialised on all wire processing and welding activities which require a complex manufacturing facility.

Produktion Ungarn

Niro KFT
1239 Budapest
Del ut

This site is used for all labour intensive production processes, such as surface treatments (e.g. electrolytic polishing) and coating processes.
In addition, this is primarily where welded assemblies are produced.

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